BT-500 is an Infant Incubator, which can precisely control temperature and humidity.

Providing the best environment for recovery  of neonate. Also, CCD camera enables remote monitoring of neonate and in-built Sp02 monitor and weighing scale provide total monitoring of neonate.

Based on ergonomic design, BT-500 will provide extreme comfort customers.

Physical Characteristics:

Dimension :

  • Standard 1,024(W) x 690(D) x 1,354(H)mm
  • Stand Fixed/Lifting 645(H) / 651 ~ 851 (H)mm
  • Mattress 730 (W) x 380(D) by 27(H)mm
  • Packing 1,150(W) x 800(D) x 1,530

Weight :

  • Standard / Full Option 99.3kg / 117.5kg
  • Packing 126kg (Full Option)


Input                                     AC 110/220, 50/60Hz

Output                                  AC 110/220, 50/60Hz Max 400Va

Consumption                      950Va

Rechargeable Battery       Li-ion, 3.7V, 2,200mA

Warrantty : 2 years



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