Royal 77 Spec (1)

Brand: Royal Medical in Korea

Model: Roytech 77

2 Gassed Supplying System(O2,N2O)

Dimension: W620 x D610 x H1400mm

Instrument Tray,Top Tray,3 Drawers

Voltage:115/220Vac, 50/60Hz

O2/N2O Diameter Indexed

Color coded Safety System:

O2:Green, N2o:Blue

Anti-Hypoxia System

Dual CO2 Absorber

Flow Resistance: Less than 0.5cmH2o at 30 lpm

Negative Valve: Open at0.5cmH2O

Positive Valve: Open and 10cm H2O

Reservoir Bag: 2Liters

Oxygen Flush Valve


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